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Michigan Collocation

Collocation may not be a new word in our dictionary or vocabulary, but in the language of American business and particularly to the web hosting community it has become an important word. It means that you can place a lot of items or things that may or may not be related to each other, into one location. In the web hosting community it means that a customer’s server equipment can be located in the web hosting provider’s data base. From there the information is disbursed to other locations. The collocation provider has a responsibility for the power and the connection and the customer has a responsibility to see that the actual work, that is to be disbursed, is done.

Collocation is primarily used by the web hosting community. There with the use of networking and global technology sources the web hosts can take a website to every part of the world. Such a global service can open up the client’s world to a host of new consumers. The small business that wants to use the guise of a large information technology department (IT) has the biggest advantage in the use of collocation services. They can host their own web and use the professional team to design and manage the sire. Small business has collocation as an option for simple hosting and to run their own servers from a dedicated Internet connection.


The greatest advantage the small business has in using collocation services is that they can set up their server with the provider and share the provider’s bandwidth which would then look as if it were there own. Having your own bandwidth can become very costly and there is a savings if you share a bandwidth however, the actual hosting may cost more. But whether you have your own or rent it, once it is set up it can be physically installed in the provider’s location. In some instances, the server machine can be rented from the provider. When you have it all up and running it can be used the same as you would use your website except, you now own the hardware.

There are pros and cons in life and business an perhaps one of the biggest advantages of collocation is the cost of the bandwidth. The lowest cost the small business can get its bandwidth for individually at a DSL grade, would be about $100 to $200. For the same cost or less a server can be placed in the collocation provider’s location with higher band speeds. The biggest disadvantage of collocation is perhaps the price fluctuation. The monthly rate is, calculated by the provider, based on how much traffic comes into your website. If the traffic to your site becomes heavy the monthly rate becomes higher. However, higher traffic may sometimes mean higher revenues to the small business then, the monthly higher rate could become a moot issue.

There is always the issue of who really needs a collocation provider. If you are an individual with a small website or blog you do not need collocation services as a simple web hosting service would be sufficient. However, if you are a small or large business that is looking for a bigger and stronger Internet presence than collocation services are definitely for you. Collocation will give you a large web presence together with a large network connection.


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